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Plates Over Plates
During packing of your kitchen utensils put styrofoam plates between your plates for added cushion and protection and just like that, the chance of anything breaking is cut in half.


Color Packing
You can purchase packing/masking tape in different colors to associate which room is packed in which boxes. For example, red tape is for the kitchen, while green is for the bedrooms. Stickers like “Fragile” could help the movers identify which boxes go on top of others.


Take pictures of the contents of your boxes to remember what item goes where. It will also help with any accidental damage that could occur, for which case you have an excellent insurance source.


Last TV standing
Try not to unpack the TV first, we know the urge to sit on the couch and relax, but those boxes won’t unpack themselves. Unless you have Harry Potters’ wand which can make your stuff fly out of the boxes.


Measure Twice, Move Once
Take measurements of your new residence’s hallways, doors, and ceilings to make sure your furniture would fit inside. That 10 foot “FREE BEER” sign looked good in your mancave but just might not fit your new house.


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