We are the first company in Southern California to fight pollution and provide eco friendly hybrid moving trucks forall types of moving services. We don’t only care about providing you with the best moving service possible, but we also care about the environment and the future of our planet. Each move brings us a step closer to a cleaner world.
   The US government has passed regulations enforcing all commercial vehicles to maintain its pollution output, however we go far beyond these subpar standards.
   These changes benefit our employees by educating them about their surrounding environment and encouraging them to contribute to the greener cleaner world goal.
   Educating our employees about environmental impacts of pollution has also made them choose a healthier life style.
These trucks have better efficiency and less exhaust pollution than a regular moving truck. Los Angeles County is rated one of the worst polluted cities based on air quality. Air quality has been steadily decreasing in the Los Angeles area due to fires, outdated transportation vehicles, factories, trains, and general increase in the human population. There are five main sources of exhaust pollution including but not limited to : CO2, Carbon monoxide, fine dust particles, nitrogen oxides, and unburned hydrocarbons. These above mentioned five sources have contributed to a steadily declining air quality in the Los Angeles County and therefore may have lead to the following health issues: respiratory problems among movers and general public, cause of nuisance to neighbors, and climate change issues.
   We are trying rectify this problem and break the cycle by providing a cleaner and greener way into the future. Our trucks are therefore now all equipped with the state of the art Eco/ hybrid technology.
   Trucks equipped with our eco/hybrid technology are running at a reduced idle RPM and are therefore reducing a noise nuisance. Having quitter trucks enables our movers to work safely and efficiently throughout the moving job.
   By utilizing this system were have enabled our trucks to become more efficient by 342%. The savings that we are acquiring are now being passed on to our customers.
   Thank you for helping us create a better cleaner and greener world.

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